Welcome to Cash Passport

Thank you for opening a Cash Passport card with The Currency Exchange. 

We automatically activate your cards – all you need to do now is spend and have fun!

To reduce fees. It is recommended that you use your cards as much as possible in shops and restaurants and keep ATM withdrawals to a minimum. We can help you with foreign currency for most destinations before you go – it is always best to arrive with some cash.  

More information is available below.

In order to make reloading your card quicker you can log into this site. Please note that this is not the login to check your balances. 

Your cards can be reloaded in our store or by using our Fee Free online. Minimum reload amount is $150.00 AUD.

Click here to Reload your Card 

We will reload your card as soon as we receive the funds and email you the receipt. Depending on Australian banking hours it may take up to 2 working days for us to receive your funds. This will take longer if you do not complete the secure online form. There are no fees to load or reload your card with The Currency Exchange. 

You don’t have to set up your online account to use the cards, but it is handy to be able to check your balances, report your cards lost and reveal your PIN. You can change your PIN’s at any Credit Union RediTeller.

Follow https://www.cashpassport.com.au/ and then select “Login”.

Registering also allows you to use the Cash Passport App on Apple and Android phones. Search for Multi Currency Cash Passport in the App Store or Android Market.

Boingo Global WIFI is included with your account. Cick here for more information

register for Boingo: https://redeem.boingo.com/mcsi/

PIN Change

You can change your PIN at any Credit Union Rediteller.

Fees with The Currency Exchange (including Northern Beaches Currency)

At The Currency Exchange we have eliminated many of the standard Cash Passport fees.  

It is always Fee Free to:
Obtain a second Card at time of purchase
Reload your card in any currency (online or instore)
Use your card in shops and restaurants
Transfer between currencies on the card (rate of the day applies)
Cash Out your cards (rate of the day applies)
Get a replacement card (for lost and stolen cards)
Transfer funds to another Australian Cash Passport Card

There are also no inactivity fees or negative balance fees.

The only fees are at the ATM – this is about A$3.50. 

Cash Passport have different fees through their website and other agents. These are available on their website and can be found here: Full Cash Passport Fees and limits

The MasterCard ATM locator will help you find an ATM wherever you are in the world. If you are going to some out of the way places you might want to check it out before you travel. It’s amazing where you can find ATMs nowadays! As always we recommend you use your cards in shops and restaurants as much as possibel to reduce usage fees as close to zero as possible.

Please note: There are a number of countries where the use of Cash Passport is not allowed as they are subject to US economic sanctions. If you attempt to withdraw cash or use your card at merchants in these countries, your request will be declined and the reason given as “Declined, prohibited country”.
The countries currently affected by sanctions are: Myanmar (Burma), Cuba, Iran and Sudan.

Hints and Tips

The Cash Passport is a versatile product so we have put together a list of some of the ways that you can make the most of your Cash Passport Card.

  • When possible take the currency of your destination
  • Take advantage of good exchange rates
  • Use your Cash Passport card as a Holiday Savings account
  • Reload via Direct Deposit
  • Buy one card for multiple destinations
  • Use your foreign currency card to make online purchases at overseas websites
  • Leave your card details with your Mum and Dad while you are away
  • Leave your card details with your Kids while you are away
  • Set up your online account before you go
  • Keep your cards separate from each other while you are away
  • Cross check your itinerary with the ATM Locator before you leave
  • Use the card to make purchases when possible
  • If your card is in foreign currency spend all, or most of, the funds on your card
  • If you are using an Australian Dollar card make sure you have an idea of the exchange rate in the country where you are using the card
  • Where possible use your credit card as a holding deposit in hotels, on cruises or for car hire – not your Cash Passport Card
  • Keep your card for future trips
  • For lost or stolen cards, call the emergency assist number and they will arrange replacement cards free of charge. The free numbers are in the back of PDS or the generic number is +44 20 7649 9404
  • If you are having difficulties using your card, call the Emergency Assist number. The Helpdesk is based in the UK and is available 24 hours a day. They can also recall your PIN for you.
  • You can check your balance using the contact phone numbers, online or using smart phone apps.
  • Use your card to make purchase in shops and to withdraw at ATMs wherever the MasterCard symbol is displayed. If prompted, the account type is credit.
  • You receive two active cards. Both cards must be signed ASAP. 
  • There is an ATM locator on our website – this shows the machines that have no fees.
  • ATM machines will always dispense the local currency.
  • You cannot use this card to get cash out over the counter at a bank.
  • Do not use the card for holding Deposits, eg; Hotels, Hire Cars, Cruises 
  • Cash Passport comes with 24/7 overseas emergency assistance that is based in the UK. The relevant contact numbers are on the back of the cards, in the PDS. 
  • Daily Limits: Shops A$15,000 equivalent, ATM A$3,000 equivalent
  • The maximum that can be loaded on the cards at a time is A$100,000 equivalent
  • The Cards are valid for 5 years so can be reloaded for future trips. 
  • EFTPOS (ie purchases) fee free. 
  • There is a conversion fee (daily spend rate applies) for all currency conversions. Eg Aussie to Thai Baht or Euro to Pounds. This is similar to the banks. You can minimise these fees by having the foreign currency loaded on the card and having a portion of your funds in Australian Dollars if you are travelling to multiple destinations.
  • When you return home you can leave any remaining funds on the card for future trips or you can cash out the balance – the card will be left open. There are no fees to do this, but foreign currency is converted back at the cash buy back rate of the day, not the rate that it was loaded on at.
  • If you do not use your card for more than 12 months a $4 a month inactivity fee will apply. Empty cards do not attract this fee. Any activity (eg withdrawing cash, moving funds from one currency to another, using the card online etc) will reset this date for another 12 months.
  • MasterCard BPay Reloads attract a 1% fee. Please use our Fee Free Bpay option (Biller Code 615021) for a cheaper and faster way to reload your card.
  • Some ATM machines and retailers will offer to charge your card in AUD – always reject this option. This is known as Dynamic Currency Conversion and includes hidden charges.